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Dear President Obama, can you please contact me immediately it is urgent? - Government and Politics
Dear President Obama,

                         My name is Adrienne Wheeler formally known as Adrienne Wurst, I live in Napa California and I was born in Kaiser Oakland in 1972 of Joan C. Wurst and Thomas E. Wurst my phone number is 707-490-6849. I want this message to get to you immediately as in that you and or the Royal family and hollywood are exploiting me from an email I put out years ago on the Prince William internet forum. You are a very busy man and so is the Royal family busy, however since you have  never met me you are not aware of the severity of the horrible situation I am in here closer to home in Napa and how hard it is for me to get out of it. I went to Social services because I thought that is what you wanted me to do in that you exploited me but never contacted me in person. I am afraid and alone in that I am being isolated from my family whom although disfunctional I adore and love so dearly and I am constantly being harrassed and surrounded by people  who like to control the conversation and keep me from you which as far as I am concerned is abusive. I am getting older and upset because my life is passing me by and I am not able to get on with work or a career or marriage or children or anything, and they will not stop accusing me of being mentally ill which I am not I am being abused. There is a huge difference. I do not think that these people meant to abuse me on purpose, I think that they are just ignorant. I am not happy with social services in that they have not resolved the problem but rather prolonged it to make movies and shows on tv. I have found that the media is a tremendous distraction for them and interfering with therapy. I do not wish to sound ungreateful but I do not trust these people as they have kept me in the situation for two years and it should have been resoved withing a few months. It is getting to the point where I do not have a life at all and I am getting very upset. I am also upset that I have to come to you with this problem, as I wanted to give you and the Royal family a good first impression. Please do not think that this is what I am normally like, I am normally a much more together person. So what does this have to do with you? Well the exploitation seems to be a big problem for me. People have to harrass me in order to exploit me, family members, friends etc. Can we not resove this exploitation in a way that does not make me feel harrassed or ruin my repuation. I do not wish to be on the news at this time for I do not look good. I want to be fully healthy before that happens if it happens at all. I want more than anything in this world for you to realize that you did not have to exploit me and that I really thought that the website was not going anywhere. I do not expect the royal family to pay for my families retirement and I sincerely think this is just a huge misunderstanding and I really want to talk in person because email is not a good way to communicate, and I sincerely am not manipulative and can talk with you in private with no media or cameras just you and Michelle and talk about how to resolve this so that I can be happy and heatlhy because the way the media is being done right now is making me feel sick and I asked the people here closer to home to stop and they ignored me because the temptation is too big for them to make movies. Can you not call or write me at 1431 A Menlo Avenue, Napa, Ca 94558 and arranged a place and time to meet privately and talk about this and how to take control of my life and I will not be asking you for money. I just want to take control of the media situation and my life and It has to either be within a place I can take the bus or you provide the transporation to get there and it be private no media and or we can talk over the phone, but this whole thing has gotten completely out of control and I need serious help. Thank you for listening and however reads this message first can you please realize I am being exploited world wide and it is showing up on your movie and tv and it is urgent that President obama actually gets this message and you do not disregard or delete it. Thank you Adrienne Bernadette Wheeler Wurst, if you want I can send a letter to the Pope about my life and that way it will be out of the hands of the media. Please help me I am very much so in distresse.

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no, because I want you to suffer. HA HA HA
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