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Does President Obama know what happended to me trying to sign up on Healthcare? - Government and Politics

Had it not been back in Sept. I visited this sight, recieved information and the prices looked nice, affordable. As of after Oct.1 I have tried getting back into this website only to find out after I just gave my basic information, name, address, telephone number , state and zipcode, only to be bombarded with other major healthcare organizations, booting this Obama Care out. The price as you scroll down get higher and higher it would be like taking half my paycheck away. They also know they cannot accept me because I have a disability, how mean to want to make me pay double to join and then monthly payment ridicoulsly high to only have to boot me out anyway. That is sortof like stealing from the poor. Anyway after I get so fustrated and try and try to get this information and this includes the chat room, typing in Capital letters I just want the Obama Care, I shut down my computer, to be faced with my phone ringing non stop for the next day with every health insurance calling me, some I never even heard of. Finally because of a situation involving my parents, another story, I had to have the police call the numbers on my caller ID, which were all insurance companies, the one company from Texas had the manager give me the correct number, which, I finally did succeed to get my application in. I live in Pennsylvania. It feels like every major Health company knows this will affect their millions of dollars and they want the last chance to get you for at least another year. I have been accepted into medicaid but have to wait until April 12, 2014 a two year wait.

The Obama Care is an excellent idea, anyone who doesn't think so , do the math. Right now only the rich or the very poor can recieve health care. the rest of us live in fear. I was born with scoliosis and as I got into my forties, now fifties, the severe disk degenerate disease and bone has affected my neck and bone, nothing they can do, and believe me I've looked to everything I could find. Surgeons, telling me the disk is completely gone in the neck and they would have to cut the whole section out, do I know how dangerous this is. Nobody understands how much pain I can go through, in rain, cold damp snow, no pain pill works, I can stay in bed until the storm breaks, crying, praying to God to let me die, or make this pain stop. I keep going and I just have faith in God, and try to be a nice person and help the poor children and animals. At this time, just in my family. I live on a fixed income which is according to state too high for Medical Assistance, my medicine can cost me up to $400 dollars a month, CVS gives you a discount if you ask. I also have COPD, which limits me to what I can do in a day and this condition. I have older parents in their 80's I check on, and they are my best friends. I would be lost without their love. I have a great niece and nephew and great niece, and four kitties, they give you the love you need, since I have no children or husband and live alone. Anyway, this is what happened to me and so very slick of these insurance companies, and in a way I do know they are used to their mega paychecks and this will defenitely put a cut in this for them. They got away with it for years. Back in 1977 I worked at RCA Corporation and I remember, to find a good job that offers insurance. In the 80's we at this time had to start paying for insurance, what , I ask happened to free offerend insurance to all  of a sudden $24-30 a week? I was young at this time to question my elders, and I still did, with very poor answers.

Anyway thank you Obama for sticking to this, I think you are doing a fantastic job. Thank you


Vivian R. Hummelsmiley


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