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How many American jobs willbe generated if every American household buys 7 American made products this Christmas? - Government and Politics

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How many American jobs will be generated if every American household buys 7 American made products, this christmas?

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2 Answers

I'll be blunt. You're an idiot. An american day of green eggs and ham. I.think what your really asking is how many people work @ publishers offices and print dr.seuss books that ..."never"... get old. Apparently passing down condoms used before you were born generated a venereal disease fore be new wine skin...your parents must've been drunk plastered smeared face into the fabric uv the sheets and **** snobbed to reproduce you... If buying 7 gifts from the USA...7*#...could increase jobs...expand the economy, i'd think virtualware and facebook actual condomized companies could be worth $100/share...but that's somoan us dollars. A currency value trade of about .50 dollar to 1 tw. So the example is for every job you have for every 7 toys bought isn't about the money spent it's about the ****** quality on american made products. Only if you had the common.sense of how american factories are... maybe you would comprehend. For instance, in the same network...for somoa to create a straw weave hat they would require less energy consumption and less corporate drawback from systematic fundamentals of employees from ceo to laborer. That leaves room for corporate savings that in turn allows the nation less tax and relief on income dispense; reducing the cost of living. The dependency is not surmounted in creating more jobs but actually constricting more jobs to maintain ordinance than exaggerations. Thus eliminates over expenditures and room for insurance needs. But the usa has twice the problems and more room for error thus equivicably the "vice" learn your dictionary dumb not second in command and is more demand on policies to liquidate..go cry if you want too..the assets for more currency trade than actual products. That's international corporate crime known "corporate fraud alluding to money laundering"..ever seen american greed?? It's episodic on cnbc. The gist of the answer is. If every american bought 7 light bulbs for christmas..chances are only 3.5 of them would have been worth the creation of it..(if it were to be made in-on the USA. That wouldn't create jobs that would eliminate them. Better though. The solution to what your really elevating to in question is...what about my mom she is sick..what about my dad he is a euro ******...what about my future, can I be a rocket scientist?? Well the answer is close to tuition has increased 3-5x the amount for junk education you're meant to be able to solve outside devoid the books and speech paid for..and also with american doctors via ex plumbers...and also your dad needing a future similar yourself...the best thing available is building a raft and wading or rowing back to europe or trade spots with the cubans or worse the mexicans down south...but prove me wrong..haha. they come here taking the value out the life and you all take the value out of all the other successful 3.5...for every light bulb worked to made in the usa only half the amount was needed so reducing the employment by minimally a 3rd and then with the excess created worthlessly makes the USA and the other give me your poor hungry sick...whatever...then tack on the cost of living to the 3rd useless and 6xth use and emphatically the answer to the ratio is pi. 3.14..if you get the "pun"..ish=
It would be a BOON to small business and small business startups if people bought 7 gifts made in the USA.

Duck Commander,INC would get people making things to fill orders.  So get in contact and tell them what you need.  Locals also fill orders.
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