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How will the gay marriage issue affect the presidential campaign? - Government and Politics
Will the Obama stance on gay marriage be a net positive or net negative for his reelection campaign?

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10 Answers

I think it will have a somewhat neutral effect. It may rally the base of the democratic party toward President Obama but will likely rally social conservatives toward Mitt Romney.  It is interesting that while polls indicate the mood of the country is chaning with respect to gay marriage, when states vote they still have tended to vote against it.  Instresting dynamic which is difficult to understand.
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In Arizona, there are churches on every other corner and the Republicans rule without serious challenge.  I don't think Obama would have gotten this state if he had not endorsed this stance, but the stand needs to be taken.  If we all have the right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", then being born gay or being in love with someone of the same sex shouldn't be discriminated against.  p.s.:  I'm a heterosexual and I would feel bad if heterosexual marriage was prohibited.  This is only what is fair.
Just curious, what is your feeling about civil unions?
It's like the "separate but (equal?--not really)" before civil rights.  Either they have the same rights (and the same seating, entrance, side of the street) as the rest of us or they don't.  Sorry, civil unions are a quibble to try and placate the bigots.  Marriage is a legal contract and denying it to **** -- and it's it inheritance and tax benefits -- is wrong.
So why not give exactly the same rights of marriage to those in civil unions? The other question is in regard to polygamy.  As a country we have accepted plural marriage as wrong.  How is this issue different than gay marriage?
I think that for one thing, the concept of polygamy stems from the same roots as sexism ... even if it is voluntary, women in traditional polygamous relationships are generally subservient to men, but you're probably right theoretically.
I think that "exactly the same rights as married people" parses in reality to "separate but equal (not)" and my comment stands.

My answer has nothing to dop with thid but please look at it. I think that **** should be able to get married because if you love someone you should be able to be with them. People dont chose to be gay. Im fourteen years old and i dont find it wrong because im friends with a lot of **** and one day i would like them to be happily married. All the other people thay think it is wrong i neather a homophobe or is extreamly religius. I go to church and god will love you no madder what, gay or straight. he will always love you.

Im Derrick and i am in noth hanover at northern burlington county regonal middle school district.

Marriage is a covenant between Man and Woman in Gods creation!  The state can chose to endorse or not!  The State does not have the authority to make covenant's therefor they create contracts  and agreements!
positive, I hope!

The traditional exclusion of **** started in the fourth century with the adoption of the writings which came to be known as The Holy Bible.  Like racism and sexism, also championed in these same writings, this exclusion is anti-spiritual, disruptive, and unfair.
I'm for gay marriage, but I have issues concerning my gay coming out! Direct me to the proper place, Please?
In the world of 2012, "coming out" may be a bit perilous as things are looking like the religious right is ascending to political power and they could make your life a living **** as they did in past centuries to any and all who disagreed with their narrow and bigoted point of view.
gay marriage opposes biological natural function to produce offsprings and keep social stability, I oppose.
Gay marriage does not OPPOSE natural biological function to produce offspring, it merely doesn't support it, but that particular biological function is working overtime as the World already has more people than it can easily support.  It's time to censure the Pope and start worldwide population control.  As you point out, gay marriage might help a little as well.
As to social stability, I do see many **** in transient relationships.  Those in permanent relationships ought to be supported and this does stabilize their community.  Allowing and supporting their committment to each other is going to help your goal of stability.

Outlawing homosexuality or bringing sanctions against it isn't going to stabilize society at all.  This is different from drinking, but the effect is similar in that you cannot stop homosexual behavior, but you can assist them into the stability of our society instead of making them outcasts.

I agree with your goal of social stability.  I think we know what happens when we shun and abhor certain members just because they are somewhat different.  I believe that allowing everyone equal rights is the key to a harmonious and stable society.  

p.s.:  This isn't learned behavior and, though I've been in any number of gay bars, I've never changed from being straight.  It isn't threatening.  It isn't really a problem.
What about the Muslims? Do they fit your analysis?
An understanding of evolutionary processes has to make one wonder how a gene for homosexuality could remain in a population as it would be very strongly selected against.  Reproduction is essential for evolutionary fitness.  Those who are genetically unable or unwilling to reproduce in any species will eventually be selected against and drop out of the population.  While there may be genetic links to homosexuality, they most certainly cannot persist through many generations of natural selection.
Before the US Supreme Court decision of Virginia V. Loving (1967) there were anti-miscegenation laws in place that would prohibit marrying people outside your race/ethnicity.  


If you were a person of color married to a White person in these states, you and your partner could have faced jail time for loving one another.  This couple sacrificed to insure that people who marry outside their race/ethnicity could do so without the possibility of facing a jail sentence.  

Mr. Loving passed away 7 years after that ruling and she passed away in 2008.  

Barack Obama comes from a marriage like that of the Loving's and like that of mine!

I would hate to be told I couldn't be married to my best frriend.  THe same arguments that were made about marrying outside of your race/ethnicity are the same arguments being made now.  So i don't see why people should be denied marrying the people they love and I don't see how my marriage has destroyed people's "definitions of marriage".  So I can't see how a same sex couple would destroy definitions of marriage either.  

Is it the destruction of "morals" or is it the fact that you have to talk to your child about sex and sexual orientation? I think it is about talking to your kid! You should have thought about that before having them rather than just having kids to please your family and friends! !
I understand your position but again I would point to plural marriage and ask if you also support that?

AND INSERT A SECTION ON OBAMA for his stand on gay marriage

courage was always about what you did for people who profiled different from yourself
Gay relationships nonetheless marriage is a unnatural union. If we believe the Bible and it's response to gay and ******* unions, how is it that we can go from that alternative lifestyle once being illegal to being celbrated with parades and legalized in a nation that professes to be under God's divine providence. What? Will God himself recant and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah? Don't think so!!!
Gay Marriage???  My views are as follows:  Marriage between a man and a woman as a church sacrament should remain as it was intended; man and woman. However, outside the church in our present day society, gay marriage/unions however defined  should not only be allowed, but be equal. This is an economic decision and believe it or not a civil society and christian decision. **** should have the same rights ecomonically; that is pensions, benefits etc. No person should ever be allowed to be "let go" from their job due to the fact that they are in a relationship with the same sex. It's nobody's business and "all" peoples in a free society, which the USA professes to be should not be legally allowed to discriminate against another for their beliefs, faith, race, gender or creed, PERIOD! This is our country, our forefathers wrote these words to be passed on, this is the society we are to be. I personally am hetrosexual, but watched on TV a woman that lived with her partner since college together as a couple building and living a life as a couple. When her partner died, she was denied health coverage, her partners pension. WRONG!!! The office **** stays and the gay person that puts her partners picture on their desk can get fired, although they are a moral pair!! Really now, something needs to change. Let's ALL help to fix it!
marraige is between a man and a woman not two people of the same sex. I have nothing against gay people and let them live together
and be blissfully happy . Amen!
I do not have a problem with peple of the same sex getting married. I have never been married and do not want to unless I can marry Shaquille O'Neal, and that will not happen. I think if you love someone and that is who you want to be with, then go for it. I think gay or homosexual people should be able to be happy and marry who they want. Like I have heard too many times "same sex, same problems" If we let people be with and marry who they want, more people might be easier to get along. But this is my opinion, I am a woman of 50 and I want Shaq...what is the difference between me wanting him and I know I can not..but I can dream. Lets fulfill the gay and ******* communities dream and  give them what they want. The reason I am on this site, is because this is the subject I chose for my final paper in Logic.
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