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Joe Biden "They don't get us." - Government and Politics

I am a bit confused as to how someone now making well over what his own adminstration considers to be rich is somehow part of  "us?"



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4 Answers

Bill Clinton was and is my brother and I welcome any other sympathetic relatives.  I need all I can get.

Joe Biden's remark was the truth.  Mitt Romney would put us back in chains!

I am African American, Middle class and worked hard all my life.   I face people like Mitt Romney everyday.  They act like I don't exist or wish I would just go away.  Contain me is really what they would LOVE TO DO!

I work in healthcare.  This business about Medicare and the $15,000 healthcare plan with more coverage for those who can afford it will stop all those expensive heart surgeries and back surgeries for the poor.  That is a form of genocide.  Murder!
I have never seen a man in a position as important as this that is as STUPID as Joe Biden! Not to mention STUPID comments from a Vice President as, Put em back in chains or the other racial slurs and absurd comments put forth by this idiot. I'm for the first time ashamed of our Government and can only see this country going to **** under this administration.
Do you remember George Bush?
If intellect has anything at all to do with politicl acumen , the Joe Biden is in the wrong profession..I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran and it was this country that sent me to Vietnam and then dropped Agent Orange on me so that what the enemy could not do to me the government did!  I accept that as part and parcel of what passed for thinking, if that is what you would call it, ,at the time. However, there are now choices to be made that will reflect on the freedoms we have grown accustommed to in our 237 year history that this Administration is taking from us. It is frightening to think a buffoon like Biden is but a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Our constitution is under constant attack, ,our future as a nation is at risk as this administration tries desperatly to cede sovereignty, and commercial rights of our resources to the UN. there is no coherent energy policy though there has been ample opportunity to develop our resources and render us less dependent on foreign sources inimical to us for our energy needs while also providing hundreds of thousand if not millions of jobs, stimulating  consumer spending and thus growing the economy and allowing us to start balancig budgets and paying back some of the 16 trillion in debt we ,owe.; rather than doing as Obama and company have done over the past 4 years by adding 5 trillion in debt and stifling job promotion and individual liberrties with the passage of the NDAA and the bypassing of congress to usurp powersby Executive Order to the executive never before granted to ANY president. Congress has been criminally complicit in this so, we need a change if we would retain our constitutional replublic and the future of freedom for ourselves, and more importantly, our children. It really is that simple. The choice, while still you have one, is YOURS but, likely for not much longert if these Marxists retain control of the government and Islam continues to attack our society with the aid of our government.I cannot see how thos administration talks of the middle class at all when everything it does is to the detriment of those in that class above all else.Our political establishment, ALL of thyem, are the effete elite and, we need to make them both responxsible and accountable to US and insure that whatever legislation they pass on to us as law, they may NOT by law , be allowed to exempt THEMSELVES from. If, for Instance, Obamacare os such a wonderful vehicle, WHY ARE THEY NOT SUBJECT TO IT?Think about these things before you vote and do what is best for YOU. They have had the best of evertthing at YOUR expense for far too long. It needs to end: HERE AND NOW!
Another african american here. The new chains are the ones that Democrats have used to brainwash african americans. Who created the KKK? Once they realized they needed a new strategy after we were able to vote, the mental control was next phase. Give them stuff and we will control them. Mission accomplished. Ask yourself, where has supporting the democrats gotten us? In the 60's we owned more businesses than today. Too many able working people are just sitting home collecting. Not because I hate poor people. It's because their is not plan from the leaders to motivate people to go back to work. Joe Biden is really and truly an idiot. Did you notice he said the middle class has been buried the last four years? problem is he forgot He and Obama were incharge those last four years. Not saying blindly vote for republicans. Am saying look ojectively for a change at both sides. Amazing what you see when your eyes are open.
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