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Is Jeb Bush the best choice for a running mate for Mitt Romney? - Government and Politics
I think Jeb would make a great VP but I think because of the previous presidency of his brother, this might hurt Romney's chances.
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11 Answers

He does have connections in Florida but I think someone like Marco Rubio might be a better choice.  He is strong with Tea Party members which Romney has had a difficult time swaying. I think it also might be too soon for another bush in the White House.
Jeb Bush the best running mate for Romney

and the best for all bushes
No because he is speaking the truth and the gop can't handle the truth! I however can handle the truth and so can the american people.We are all well aware of the gop tactics which is reflected in John Bheiner being the leader of the least popular house of representitives in the history of this country.Who elected grover norquist to anything.Stop cowering to this unelected bully and do the right thing for this country.
Look if you could handle the truth you would have mentioned Obama's ties with the following:

Bernadine Dorn (Weather Underground)
Bill Ayers (Weather Underground)
Michael Pfleger
Jeremiah Wright
Louis Farrakhan (Million Man March)
Marilyn Katz
David Axelrod
Valarie Jarrett
Mark Loyd (Undermine Conservative Talk)
Cass Sunstein (Supports boosting animal rights and human cloning)
Ron Bloom (Labor Connection)
Anita Dunn (I believe she has a thing for Mao Se Tung)
Van Jones (Wanted to use Global Warming to totally dismantle the USA)
Kevin Jennings (Introduce Homosexual themes int schools while attacking religion)
Harry Knox
Carol Browner
John Holdren
Kathleen Sabellus
Harrold Koh
Dawn Johnson
Eric Holder

All of these folks lean extreme socialist, if not fascist. Obama and his regime took an oath to respect and defend our Constitutional Republic and instead he is hiring radicals to fundamentally change America and take away our freedoms. Our Founding Fathers warned us that we must fight socialism, fascism and communism and make sure we purge our government from those who wish to destroy it. Jeb never mentioned how the left has gone off the deep end which leads me to believe he is a coward.
You need to learn how to read the question was not about obama you sound like some gay bashing homo phobe.Are you aware that many of the founding fathers you pretend to know so much about were Diest and not christians.FACISM again showing your ignorance.No response to the Norquist comment just typical uneducated moronic off topic BS.No comment about least popular congress since the founding fathers you seem to reference with no real knowledge.dumb as a box of rocks.
I can tell you I have read more books about our founding fathers then you will read in a life time. Like all progressives you expect conservatives to do all your homework, cite all their references and then when they do you ignore the truth. Your response to me is the typical response of a progressive who went to some college and believed what you were spoon feed. In other words, your knowledge is limited to the propoganda of the left. As a progressive you will never question what the left is feeding you because it is filled with hatred towards America and towardss those who are religious and conservative. Remember, I watched progressives cause $350,000 worth of damage to Wisconsin's state capital, I watched progressives OWS speak for George Sorros as many women were raped and other crimes comitted. Every conservative who has read you remarks to me is wondering how you can be so obtuse?  For heaven sake don't ask another progressive what the word obtuse means, look it up for a change and do your own analysis. Oh, while you are at it read the following books: 5,000 year leap, The Real George Washington, The Real Thomas Jefferson, The Real Ben Franklin, Desire of the Everlasting Hills, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin: The Essential Founding Father, George Washingtons Sacred Fire, Samuel Adams: A Life and the list goes on and on. Now, be truthful, what books have you read? The answer is, you haven't! Instead you are like a parrot repeating what progressive liberals have feed you. Your comments are wrong, out of context or half truths and anyone with an education can see it clearly. So go get educated and challenge the ignorance of your progressive thought.
Absolutely not! We need strong leaders who are willing to deliver the tough message and not lean liberal to get a few pats on the back. The progressives are so far left they are pushing socialism with strong leanings to fascist ideologies. How in the world did Jeb Bush miss this? There is no compromise with progressives who wish to eliminate our Constitutional Republic. Remember, Van Jones was hired by the Obama administration and he is a professed communist. It didn't take him but a few weeks to tell us how he was going to use Global Warming to bring down our Capitalistic society and not leave any resemblance of our government in place. Remember, it was Valarie Jarrett who watched this man for two years and claimed that she loved his ideals! Wow, Van Jones hates whites and he hates our Founding Fathers but no comment from Jen Bush on the progressive ideals. This means Jeb Bush is a coward. I do not believe he made a mistake in what he said. I believe it is calculated. However, many Americans are sick up to our eye balls in this type of leadership. We are sick of the corruption. I wish we would force every Congressman/woman to undergo a life style audit given by an independent auditor. The purpose would be to track every dollar a member of congress made and how they made it. The corruption would be close to what we have become use to with the UN. If my vote could place a person to run this country it would be Governor Walker. God Bless this man who is willing to fight for our country and balance our budget. This man is a leader and it is killing the progressives to see his ideas are working.
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Who do you seem as having this type of strength you speak of?  It sometimes seems like choosing the lesser of two evils.  I would much prefer to see a Romney/Bush administration than another 4 years of Obama and Biden.
The question is whether or not I believe Jeb Bush would be the best choice as Romney's running mate? I do not believe he would for the reasons I gave previously. If I had a choice it would be Mr. Rubio or  Mr, Christy, who recently said he could be talked into it. Of course I would vote for a Romney/Bush ticket, but Bush would not be my choice. We need leaders, like Walker, who are focused on protecting our Constitutional Republic and eliminating our oppressive debt; otherwise, we will wake up one day with the Chinese drilling for our oil for repayment of their debt, or worse, the U.N. drilling for our oil as payment imposed upon all U.S. firms for global warming.
1.6 trillion on Iraq war trumps your 350,000 and let's be clear because you obviously forgot to take your add meds .It was Obama who hunted down  Biin Laden and brought him  to justice on behalf of the American people.I have yet to hear you speak to the Norquist issue , and  obviously have avoided the Diest statement.A 10.00 cut in spending for a 1.00 increase in revenue was a more then reasonable compromise offer to GOP led congress yet no action by the least popular congress in the history of this country which is more on point of the discussion.
Jeb Bush should be the one running for president.
would hurt Romney' chances because of his brothers presidency.
I can see 'C.S. Lewis' ending of the book, "That Hideous Strength", in the re-election of obama. Look at our constitutional rights that he has attacked. As of three weeks ago, we, as Americans can be arrested for holding up a protest sign in, not just his view, but in the view of his secret service men. Do we no longer have the rights to air our grievences to the people that are supposed to protect our rights??? Wake up Americans. Look at the Facts.
when a person asks for all the black people to come to the polls and re-elect him, Isn't that playing the race card? If a white man did that, he would be hung from the nearest bough. We need to get behind Romney to vote out the tyrany we have in the white house. Jeb Bush has a good name in America. But his brother has put a smudge on the family name. Romney needs to look elsewhere for a running mate.
Mr Jeb Bush,

I had alway voted Republican. I voted for your father twice and twice for your brother.

I'm asking you, If you would please only you and Senator Rubio are able to safe this nation of what's in coming if Obama win this year election. Please if for any reason it's in your power to take over this election please do it.

I'm a 100% Disable Veteran and I know that just like me a lot of veterans will gurantee our vote if you run for President of the United States. I assured you, that you could be our next President.

Please if your ever get read this message please consider it, make America proud one more time, I know your father will be proud. Remember he never lost his faith and he was save by his fellow friends after he crashed during WWII.
Ahahahahahahaha you dumb fks. Jeb Bush ahahahahahaah! Go ahead run idiot because we conservative Republicans will campain agaist you moron.
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