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How much influence will Sarah Palin have on the 2012 elections? - Government and Politics


It seems as though Palin has been out of the mainstream news cycle after deciding not to run for president.  How much influence will she have on the presidential election and or congressional races for which she endorses a candidate?

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12 Answers

sahra is a true amerrican patriot m this country need s more people like that in politics
Sarah Pallin is an intelligent, articulate voice for the american people. She"s knowledgeable about the issues and is not afraid of the washington insiders. She definately has iinfluence on the political seen. Her effectiveness on the "sidelines" will be felt and heard!
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You spell as good as Palin.
i am wondering if the tea party is going to help with this election?i also would like to find out why noone has done any thing about the black panther putting a hit on someone head?why is it takeing congress so long to find out who was involved with fast and furios?
where did you go to school? in a public, government-run school? your grammar stinks.  anonymous
I Hope no Sarah Palin has no influence over the 2012 elections. I've had enough of The Tea Party and their candidates.
Can the congress be sued by the people for disrupting the economy? If President Obama could be sued for trying to implement Health Care then can't we the people do something besides voting to get Congress out? Congress is not waiting until November  to destroy the people if the banks are not to big to fail then congress should not be to big to continue to fail the country with thier hatred.
Sarah who? She really need to go home and be a Mother and Grandmother to her once teenage daughter and her son. If she had such a big influence then why is her  daughter getting ready to go through a cusody battle. How dare her she can't even control her family how in the world do she expect civilized people to listen to her and beleve she can get anything good done she's a joke with to much fame.
If an imperfect family life disqualifies one from running for or serving in public office then we are all in trouble. The names Bill Clinton and John Edwards come to mind. . .
Sarah Palin's endorsement of the Romney-Ryan ticket within the next 2 weeks will fire up the base big time especially if she joins them in person at campaign rallies.

She may also be able to bring libertarian leaning voters into the fold.

Though she does not enjoy the popularity of the main stream media; she is very well received by many everyday citizens.  Look at her track record helping candidates win seats in the 2010 elections.
I do believe that she can influence the election a lot. She should come out and help campaign for Mitt and Ryan. She is a real patriot and someone that will put the people and country first. She is an unselfish person that will run this country from within her. She is someone that has the ability, understanding, and true living American Patriot. I wish she would run but maybe next time.
Sarah will have a great amount of influence on the
Presidential election.She talk for a lot of us.
I don't think she will have any impact on the election .
not 'liked" by the main stream media? that's probably the best complement one can get. if i were a politician i would worry if i were "liked" by a group of march in step robots w/daily talking points sent out by liberals. gov. palin should decide whatever she wants to do & not worry about what anyone thinks.  she is a geniune person & an excellent spokesperson for conservatives.
I think she is an air head
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