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What is the differance between a liberal, and a conservative? - Government and Politics
Is one for heavy government, involvement, and the other wants the government out of everything? Are Republicans know as liberals, and democrates as concervative>

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2 Answers


You have this backwards.  Generally


Republicans - Conservative


Democrats - Liberal


They are essentially two different views as to the correct solutions to social and economic problems.  


Liberals believe in fairness.  They believe in protecting those who cannot protect themselves.  They believe in righting injustice and providing opportunities for the disenfranchised.  Their economic policies generally involve government intervention to help the poor and regulation which tries to ensure that big business does not take advantage of individuals.  They believe in shared sacrifice and responsibility.  Those who have wealth and prosperity should be required to give more to those who do not because they are lucky to have it.  Their general belief is one of fairness, of leveling the playing field and ensuring that everyone has the best possible chance at success.


Conservatives believe in free markets.  They believe in individuals taking care of themselves and in a limited government.  They believe that businesses should be less regulated and that people should be able to take economic risks but that they should be subjected to consequences of those risks, both good and bad.  They believe that some failure is simply part of a successful system and that individuals should take the responsibility for failures when they occur.  They believe that when possible, private charities and organizations should help those in need instead of the government.  Their general belief is that we succeed or fail ultimately based on our effort.  Those who put forth more effort should be rewarded and those who do not should not receive the same reward.


There are many other differences but these are the main philosophical differences.  Each ideology has both strengths and flaws.  Most people find themselves somewhere in between the two extremes.

A Paradox, democrats are called 'liberal' meaning they do nothing in government and let everyone do as they please; while republicans are called 'conservative' meaning they control everything and restrict behaviors.

IN FACT, it is quite the REVERSE !  It is the conservatives who proselytize "government should do nothing and let everyone do as they please, whatever consequence" ,  and,  it is the democrats who advocate "managing all aspects of society for the betterment of the Individual Citizens" and "regulate business and finance corporate activities to ensure Individual citizens/Citizens' rights are not trampled upon/violated".

What amazes me most is that the republicans and citizens who vote republican adamantly assert they want to protect their own money/property when in fact, they are quite happy to pay $2-Billion Per Week for Ten Years in Iraq when there were no WMD's, Saddam Hussein and sons were long captured/dead, and originally there were no Taleban/9-11-terrorists; they pay their taxes and get nothing for it but frivolous costly exploits.

Meanwhile, the democrats want healthcare servcies and protection of their finances in banks for their self-same taxes and are slammed as idiots by republicans/republican voters.   

wow... !
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Just curious as to your opinion on why the United States entered Iraq in the first place? I personally tend to believe that nobody likes war.  Do you feel that Republican leaders wanted war without purpose?
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