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im over staying in the. US and someone treating my life what should i do - Government and Politics
I leaving with an white american man with his Filipino wife , if the husband drinksand get drunk he always telling me that we filipinos not supposed to be here because of we are stupid and ignorant, when the fact is the Filipina wife support him for 10 yrs because this man has no work.with another couple they met tru with one of my friend who also introduced me to the couple that i need aplace to rent the good Samaritan couple let us use their rented appt so we the couple and my friend will share the rent so we have a warm place to stay on san Francisco area. The husband offered the man a job by backing him up to his company where he he can share for the noj profit rent of the apartment and the wife also offers more work to the wife.from the story i heard that the man is homeless and sleeping in the car no work for ten yrs supported by her wife filipina for his food and drinking habits. I ofered the bed that the owner gave me as for gratitude on helping them transferring their stuff to the much bigger apartment for they crowded in the old apartment. So days go on they the homeless couple stays in one room and me my friend stays in the living room. We noticed he wants us to follow his rule and saying that his house. We just tried to understand him and never confront about it.but days go by getting worse and violent when i tried to stop them my friend and the husband. He turn on me and started cursing me and inulting my native land and everyone as long as they are Filipino. For my disappointment i told him you have no right to discriminate us as a Filipino, he get mad and tried to punch me .i called 911 to ask for assistance. The cops came and confont the man .but the reason that he's older than us and drunk. Me and my friend decided to stay out instead and sleep in the car on a cold night. Then days go by my friend decided not go tru share the rent and leave. I wanted too but the kady owner and the wife of the old man pleaded me to stay .for the reason i stayed is because of Christmas and the guy ask for apology and time gose on week before Christmas he's drunk again and put the fuse of for the reason of u dont know, when i ignored it he get really mad on ne again .i tried to avoid confrontation a walk away towards the bathroom to stay safe until he will sober and go to sleep .reason why i dint leave the place instead is i dont want to get in cold again.while walking towards the bathroom he yelling in my face grab me in my shoulder si what i did us tried to remove his hand on my shoulder then he punch me and i ducked and he hit ne with his fingers and scratch my face and ny eyes. In my anger i snap and choked him then when my kids faces just like pass by i git stunned and see the man in all in red face in my choking him.i let go and went to the toilet and start to release my anger by punching my hand and taking my deepest breath and exhaled to relieve my anger on the man .then the room apartment been quiet. So i went to the kitchen to drink water he just popped out from the dark and warned me if i dint put the fuse he will slash my neck when he finished smoking outside of where he used to smoke .to fear for my safety i lock the kitchen door and find something to defend my self i found a chisel like with a hammer for emergency tool if disaster comes. Then waited what will happen next. Until 3hours of agony, fear, and helpless. I decided to leave the place and went to my car leave the area and tried to call the owners by the reason i think that time is around midnight everybody sleeps so i just keep my self  warm and make feel safer away to the drunken man .i some what reason fear of my status. I just avoid the man by leave the room if he's around nfew days befor Christmas when i went home to take some clothes for work i found my trash container is on the top off my couch where im sleeping .so i white a not not do that cos it's to personally already. Then one day again while im staying in my boss place the room now has different lock so i dont have access to where im paying it too.after that i let my boss man know what's happening on us.the boss get mad on him used my cellphone to send his disappointment on him .when later i learned all my stuff on the living room where im staying thrown in the basement my boss ask me to go with him and confront the man why he did that to my stuff. But he dint open up instead called the police. So out of fear e walk away back to my boss apartment. Im confused what to do if call the police and complain about what happen but my boss told me her wife Will be in trouble to by letting us to stay on the place. I don't want it to the people who only wanted is to help others in need like us.i though it will be the last encounter but still the man texting ke and warned me that his son and a gang named MS 13,is haunting me so i must go back to my country or ill be dead soon . Now do i have the rights to bring all of this to the court am i legible on a fare trial or just take it a bad experience how i dream to be a citizen and bring. My family and be a good man and Samaritan like the couple's who help us tohave shelters for the needy.  Yours truly manny

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1 Answer

Go to the police.  The man is a bully and is taking advantage of you.  Tell the landlord that you wil be moving if the man doesn't and give a date.  Good luck.
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