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Is it about time we start respecting the President in the office he is holding? - Government and Politics
I am tired of the President bashing, it is undermining the voters of the USA and they are your bosses. They lost, get over it! So this president is not a hot head, like the last one, he also does not play  to the angry mass public and overreact when called names in public. He uses careful language when dealing with dangerous thugs masking their blood thirsty, money grubbing agenda in religious wrapping paper.  He is highly intelligent not the average Joe on the street so yes he does not dumb it down but the elected officials should KNOW better. So please tell them, I'm working hard to prusade any and all members of the voting public  to  Fire the knee junk reactors In office as their jobs are to work on our behalf not their wims.

Thank You For Your time.

Respectfully yours;

Debbie Thomas US AR MY

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4 Answers

I believe we should respect the office but we are each entitled to our disagreements. This is what makes the process work. 2014 mid-terms said a lot about the direction of the country.  Voters only vote for president every 4 years. Clearly, the republican victory in the mid terms are a reflection of the country moving toward more conservative leadership. That being said, we should respect the office of the president and not resort to personal attacks.

Time will only tell what the future will hold, this president has less than 2 years to cement his legacy. The 2016 election will be another interesting measurement of the direction of the country
Not until he starts acting and working like a President., not holdin' my breath though.  I'm afraid the emporor has no clothes.
There is respect for the Office of the President. Unfotunately , the man occupying that office does not respect it himself. If he did, he would not change laws with a stroke of his pen. Especially after saying 22 times that he couldn't do it. Not when a heckler yelled at him to just give amnesty to illegal immigrants and he replied, " I already changed the law". All these are on video. He blatantly lies to our faces and then denies any knowledge. He enforces laws he likes, he ignores laws he doesn't. He has inserted himself into every issue involving white vs black and been proven incorrect each time. But as a Christian, he doesn't speak out against Christian being tortured and beheaded. He is unmoved by American's being beheaded by Islamist Terrorists, but worries about hurting Muslim feelings.   So yes, I can respect the office, not the man in it. When he respects our laws and our Constitution, he'll get my respect.
First of all, don't do what you say you will not. That's political bull **** and we are sick of the crisp that sits in he White House. Respect your people and you'll get that back but align yourself with what makes this country bad and you lose it. Obama is as bad as the few that sat in the White House. He took money from Wall Steet even when he said he wouldn't. He remained with those idiots Clinton and Bush who continued to deregulate big banks and Wall Street. That in itself is what ruined this country and it will happen again when student loans begin to default more. But this is what America has become; powerful and a play ground for politicians and the financial district. Hey, we paid 700 billion as a way to keep the economy from imploding but CEO's took billions home????? Way to go Obama. Respect, yeah when he replaces OUR money. He protected criminals and they have 5 f----- homes, 5 f------ cars and they spit in our faces. Respect. F--- off Obama
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